April 27, 2006


Granada is AMAZING. This whole trip has been amazing. I don´t know if I can describe it. We fly home tonight, then we get to sit around in an airport for about six hours until the earliest train back to Norwich from London leaves, then we´ll finally be back to campus probably around 10 in the morning. This trip has been so worth every penny I´ve spent on it.

Lots of stories to tell, done tons of things, seen lots of sights, I dont really have time to write about all of it right now nor do I think I will ever write about ALL of it as that would be one ridiculously long entry, but I´ll at least go over hilights or post pictures or something.

We went to the Allhambra yesterday, which is basically a castle...it´s the palaces where the sultans used to live when the Arabs took over Granada, its beautiful, but even more beautiful was the view from the top of the bell tower. It was one of the most intensely beautiful things Ive ever seen in my life. You could basically see all of Granada, the Sierra Nevadas, beautiful sky, oh yeah and a castle that you just happened to be standing in. I have no words.

More when I get back!

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