January 16, 2006

Queues are inescapable!

Last night I watched Batman Begins with some of the people on my flat. Everyone really is very nice. I hung out in one girl's room for awhile, and we finished watching batman begins and watched a little bit of Romeo Must Die, which is the most ridiculous movie I've ever seen, at least the parts I saw of it. We were making fun of the "gangsters" a little bit and then they were imitating gangster talk, except, obviously, with british accents. That was pretty funny. After that I got tired and went back to my room to...not sleep. I'm amazed at how long its taking to shake this jet lag thing. I laid there until about three or so, at which point I called Wes, who's three hours ahead from here, with "So I figured you might be getting up around now..." He answered with, "Isn't it like three oclock for you?" "Yup...." But luckily after talking to him for a little while I was able to fall asleep. although these stupid phone cards are ripping me off. The phone card I had was supposed to be a 53 minute phone card but it cut out after about 35 minutes. NOT cool. I need to find a different international phone card service maybe.

I registered today. It was...insane. First I waited in a long line at the Council House (a building where registration stuff is taken care of, I guess), and then was told that "all american studies and literature students" could go through the middle as I guess there wasn't as long of a line. But when I got up there I was told that the new students, the international students, had to go to a different line so I had to go wait at the end of another line until I finally turned in my registration form. I was given a packet with a lot of information, including my classes, but thats all it told me, was my classes. Not where they were, not when they were...I asked the woman who gave me the packet where I could find that out and she said there was a timetable on the wall in the art building. So I went to the art building to check the timetable, and then it had all these confusing things like "group one, group two," etc next to the course titles and times. so I check another list that lists all the courses in american studies and literature and with people's names underneath the courses saying what groups they're in, but I'm not listed anywhere on that list. I ask another student where to go to ask about that, and she directs me to an office where I wait in a short line to be told to check the list that I just checked. I told her that I had already checked that list, and that I wasnt on it, so she proceeded to lead me down the hall and SHOW me where the list that I had already checked was. I told her again that I wasn't on this list, but apparently she didnt believe me because she checked again for me. After discovering that I didn't for some reason decide to lie about being on the list, she directed me downstairs to an office whereI waited in another short line to ask about the fact that I wasn't on the group list. She tried originally, to tell me that I should check the list that I had already checked, twice now!, but she, luckily, believed me when I protested that I had already checked the list, and had someone ELSE check the list, and that I was not on it.

So she, guess what, directed me to another line. I waited in this line for about half an hour, and FINALLY was told when my classes were, what groups I was in, and where I had to go, and at the same time resolved a conflict with my classes becasue I was apparently scheduled to be in two places at once. I looked at the schedule to discover that apparently I had had a class about an hour ago, but luckily I checked my email and found out that that class had been cancelled for this week since registration was so hectic.

So after this, I still needed my student ID card, so I went to the library and waited in YET ANOTHER LINE to get it, and finally I'm done with waiting in line, at least for the moment. (Although I still need to get my books, and I'm not quite sure what books I'm supposed to get in any class but my Shakespeare class, in which the professor seems very on top of things as he's already emailed the syllabus. And apparently I'm supposed to have Richard V read by Thursday!)

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