September 28, 2007

Moving blogs

I decided to switch my blog over to here - I like the layout a lot better, and xanga has been annoying me. I moved some of my entries, since I was afraid of losing them...I don't want to lose my thoughts about study abroad, or Tanzania. inspiration to write lately has been declining. Maybe it's because of how much information I'm trying to absorb; I think maybe it's hard to absorb and produce at the same time? Not sure. Regardless, I will try to write more, but I don't really want to write if I have nothing to say, either.

In switching over some of my entries, I was reading them's hard to believe that study abroad was a year and a half ago. Even harder to believe how many things have happened in my life in the past two years, and that I'm graduating at the end of this year...time is so strange.

50 days until Wes returns.

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