November 15, 2007


That title is a squeal of excitement. I just got off the phone - my last transcontinental phone call that I'll have to make to Wes. The next time I talk to him, I'm going to be talking to him face to face. Two days! He leaves tomorrow morning from Tanzania. It seems so strange and unreal, like we've been counting down forever (and really, we have - two years is an extremely long time to live on different continents), it's hard to wrap my brain around. Also making it very difficult to sleep at night...I'm too excited! It's really going to happen...he's really coming home.


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The Fish said...

Congrats! (I'unno, is that the right thing to say here?) Either way, it sounds like you've got a thing or two to be real thankful for come Thursday. I'd tell you to have a good break, but, well, it sounds like you've got that pretty well covered at this point. Happy days!