May 15, 2008

Endings and Beginnings

Wow. It's really been a long time since I've written in here. I've sort of dropped off the face of the planet this semester. I also haven't been writing much lately. I realized this about a month ago, and that I'd been feeling agitated. I started writing in a spiral every couple of nights before going to bed, and it helped a lot. I guess I was going through writing withdrawals? Is that possible? It doesn't really seem to matter what I write about either, just that I write in general. Anyway, I'll have to remember that. Writing and running are my stress relievers.

So, I'm done with student teaching. It was...intense, and rewarding, and convinced me that I really can do this. Just in case you were wondering, I'm good at teaching, and I like it. Sounds like I chose the right occupation for my life.

I've been applying for jobs lately, but I've only heard from one so far... I do have an interview tomorrow for that one, which I'm very excited and nervous about. It's so strange having absolutely no idea where I'm going to be next year. It's the first time in my life where there is no clear next step. I always knew that junior high came after grammar school, and high school came after junior high, and while I didn't know which college I wanted to go to the whole time, I knew that I only really had to choose one and then I would go there. This is different. I knew I was going to get into colleges. I'm not so certain I'm going to get a job this year, or where it will be if I get one. This is different than the whole college application thing - in college, I just had to pick one. In this one, someone has to pick me. It's such a weird, uncertain thing.

Anyway... I'm in sort of a floating state right now. I can't see what happens beyond the end of this summer. Strangely, though, I'm okay with that. It's kind of exciting, in a nerve wracking kind of way.

Time to move forward...

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