February 19, 2006

Things to Remember in the UK

If you ever go to the UK, remember:

Say "trousers" if you mean "pants." If you say "pants" they will think you mean underwear. Hence if you say, "I'm wearing a skirt because I have to do laundry - I don't have any more clean pants" they will look at you very strangely.

Jelly=jam, and jello=jelly. I mentioned a "jelly donut" and Gareth and Kunsang were very confused until Gareth figured out I meant a "jam donut" - jelly here is jello, and so that would be a very strange donut. That's also why the idea of "peanut butter and jelly" confuses them so much.

"I plead the fifth" will draw blank stares from most people, lol.

They're not going to understand why you're so fascinated with castles. Or cathedrals. And they don't understand why the idea of going to another country for the weekend is so shocking.

Have a pasty!! No I didn't forget the r, I don't mean pastry, I mean pasty. They are amazing! Like chicken pot pie almost, at least the one I got was (it obviously depends on what kind you're getting) except way better and portable. Yuummmm.

They have this candy called fruity babies. They're like gummy bears, except shaped like babies. Sooo strange. And hilarious. I found myself thinking of certain camp people who would appreciate them, lol, and also found myself walking around holding out the bag asking "want to eat a baby?" I don't really find dead baby jokes all that funny usually but the bizarreness of it was hysterical to me.

That's all I can think of for now...things are going well, speeding up a bit, I can't believe it's already pretty much halfway through the term. (Classes end April 8, then a month of spring break, then exams.) The last couple of weeks of term are going to suck because I'm going to have all my coursework due then - and coursework here is worth 50% of my grade in two of my classes and 100% in the third, so it's IMPORTANT, but I'm doing my best to stay on top of things and get a head start on things now. This semester is going FAST and I have a feeling it's going to start going even faster.

I've started planning spring break with Mary...so far plans are minimal. Well, very minimal, lol, we just have a rough outline of the places we want to go. But so far I've come to two conclusions about spring break. One, it's going to be AWESOME. Two, I'm going to be BROKE. Severely. But it will be worth it. Our plan is to go to France (Paris and Nice - Nice because I was adamant about seeing the Meditteranean), Italy (Rome and Venice), and Spain (Barcelona). This of course depends on time and money constraints (I'm willing to spend the money to have the experience, but if my money runs OUT thats kind of a problem, lol), but I'm hoping we can make it work. (If for some reason you're in Europe and you want to meet up with us for any of those countries, let me know!)

Ummmmm...can't think of anything else. More later!

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