March 10, 2006

English healthcare and conversation of the week

I went to the travel clinic on Monday to talk to them about going to Tanzania and what shots I would need/how I would get them. I need a ridiculous number - probably like six. yikes! It will be worth it though. And on the upside, I love the English National Health Service!!! I found out the yellow fever shot would be like 30 pounds, and after she outlined all the other shots I needed I began to get a bit nervous about cost, and asked "How much will all this cost?" and she went, "Oh it's covered." "It's what?" "It's covered, the National Health Service covers it. You're very lucky." "Um, yes I am!!"

Conversation of the week:

Cassie (talking to a friend of hers): Christina's going to Tanzania this summer.
Friend: Awesome! Why are you going?
Me: To visit my boyfriend; he's in the peace corps
Friend: That's so cool! I wish I had a significant other in Africa.
Me (Grin): Yeah, but then your signficant other would be in Africa.

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